Spare parts

JAC Motors original spare parts are the ideal solution for the care and maintenance of your car. They comply exactly with the original technical specifications, ensuring optimum integration for your safety. They are crafted from the same blueprints as the original parts, made to fit your JAC Vehicles perfectly and guaranteed to perform with the same quality and wear as on the first day you drove your JAC CAR. They are the only parts specifically covered by the JAC Motors warranty. Request Genuine JAC Motors Parts and Genuine JAC Body Parts to ensure your vehicle receives the best treatment.

Genuine parts package

Passenger Vehicle

spare parts package

Commercial Vehicle

spare parts package

Genuine spare parts anti-fake enquiry

1. Verifying by scanning the QR code on anti-counterfeit label, it will lead you to the enquiring result.
2. Uncover the QR code on anti-counterfeit label and you will see another QR code and digital code. Scanning the bottom QR code, it will lead you to the same enquiring result as your first enquiry.